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Guinea Pig Foods & Hay

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  • Woodlands Meadow Hay

    Woodlands Woodlands Meadow Hay

    Woodlands Meadow Hay is a 100% Irish Product, fresh and naturally grown. Suitable for Pets Large and Small. Available in 3 sizes: Handy - approx weight 1.4kg Large - approx weight 2.8kg Jumbo - approx weight 3.5kg

    £3.30 - £5.50

  • Excel Feeding Hay With Dandilion & Marigold 1Kg

    BURGESS Excel Feeding Hay With Dandilion & Marigold 1Kg

    Excel Feeding Hay with Dandelion & Marigold A sweet smelling Timothy Hay with Dandelion and Marigold that’s high in Beneficial Fibre and a great part of your small animals’ diet. 100% natural ingredients High in Beneficial Fibre Helps maintain a healthy immune system


  • Excel Guinea Pig Nuggets 1.5Kg

    BURGESS Excel Guinea Pig Nuggets 1.5Kg

    Excel Adult Guinea Pig Nuggets with Mint A delicious, complementary food for guinea pigs that is high in fibre and Vitamin C and rich in nutrients. Prevents selective feeding High levels of protected vitamin C Antioxidants to support the immune system


Guinea Pig Foods & Hay

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